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The Feather River Tea Party Patriots is growing! It's all about communication with other patriots, so your input is vital. Many people have never started a blog or forum discussion before; but with all that is happening in our government, please break your silence!



The term comes from "web log." It is literally an online way to log your comments on a given subject. You can post a thought, and others can post their responses.

This term is probably more familiar. Take a subject and create a virtual discussion out there in cyberspace rather than at the local coffee shop.

Share your pictures!!

Share your video clips from your own camera or a number of other sites like www.youtube.com with very little effort. Informative video in line with our mission is the very, very best and a great way to educate our people.

This chat feature is pretty user unfriendly.  Unless another user is online with the chat window open on their screen, they will not see your messages.


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