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By joining the Feather River Tea Party Patriots social network site, you agree to abide by our statement of non-discrimination and non-violence. We do not condone or allow anyone to spam our members or to promote their own group or cause; and we do not welcome those who do not share our principles and are only on our blogs, chats and forums to endlessly argue and create strife.

Comments posted on this site belong to the commenters alone, and are not endorsed by Feather River Tea Party Patriots. In the interests of free speech and education through the sharing of ideas, we do not moderate or pre-approve comments. All members are encouraged to monitor online content and report anything they deem unfit. 

We reserve the right to remove offensive posts and to revoke the membership and posting privileges of anyone who posts comments or images that are racist, obscene, threatening. No post may advocate acts of violence or other violations of law.  Charges of racism may NOT be levied upon other users who merely disagree with your viewpoint.  Use of common sense is required at all times. 

Although this movement is a direct outgrowth of former presidential policies, it is not to be misunderstood as a slight upon the office of the President of the United States.  This group seeks to work FOR issues that are educational and productive rather than railing against governmental policies and people with whom we disagree. 

Welcome to the Feather River Tea Party Patriots.

We encourage you to become an active part of this patriotic community.

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