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The Feather River Tea Party Patriots was co-founded in October 2017 by co-founders of the now former Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots (est. September 1, 2010).

Due to irreconcilable differences with other members of the SBTPP board, the last remaining Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots' co-founders walked away August 3, 2017.

Several SBTPP members requested a new Tea Party, and God quickly resolved every excuse not to start another -- what name, where to meet, and where and how to purchase necessary insurance.

The first public meeting of the new Feather River Tea Party Patriots was October 23, 2017, at Crossroads Community Church and included a pizza party generously donated by Shooters Paradise. The guest speaker was Paul Preston, host of Agenda 21 Radio and current President of the New California State movement. Mr. Preston's segment "In the News" was a regular feature at Sutter Buttes Tea Party meetings until August 3, 2017. "In the News" with Paul Preston is a regular feature at Feather River Tea Party Patriots' meetings.

Feather River Tea Party Patriots is incorporated in the state of Nevada. In order to open a bank account in California, we needed permission from the State of California. Our application was denied on the stated basis there is another Tea Party Patriots -- Norcal (which no longer meets) -- operating in northern California. We were instructed to get Norcal's permission to use "Tea Party Patriots" in our name. Through the time and efforts of Assemblyman James Gallagher, the State of California approved authorization for Feather River Tea Party Patriots to conduct business in California, retroactive to the date of our original application.

Feather River Tea Party Patriots, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization promoting freedom, the rule of law, and the U.S. Constitution and relies on donations to pay meeting expenses, operating and printing costs, refreshments, speaker fees, advertising, Constitutions, etc. Donations are not tax deductible.

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