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A shorter version of the article below was submitted December 9, 2021, to both the Appeal Democrat and Territorial Dispatch as a Letter to the Editor. Neither printed it; so it was an article included in the Teapot handed out at Feather River Tea Party Patriots' December 20, 2021 Christmas Dinner Party.

Thou shalt not bear false witness. Corporate media routinely bears false witness, dividing the people and destroying our nation from within. A few of their many lies were listed by Chris Talgo in his April 27, 2021, Townhall article, “Mainstream Media’s Incessant Lies Are Tearing America Apart.”

• Russian collusion story that dominated the airwaves of CNN and MSNBC and the front pages of prominent newspapers such asThe New York Times and USA Today. Fake news. Never happened.

• Covington Catholic High School story about a bunch of racist teenagers harassing an angelic Native American in Washington, DC. Fake news. The opposite occurred.

• Bold-faced lie about Brian Sicknick being bludgeoned to death January 6th with a fire extinguisher by a rabid mob of white supremacist insurrectionists. Fake news. Sicknick died of natural causes, due to two strokes, hours after the so-called insurrection. He was never hit with a fire extinguisher.

• Georgia recently passed “Jim Crow 2.0” voting law. Fake news. The Georgia voting law has absolutely nothing do with Jim Crow and racism, but everything to do with ensuring electoral integrity.

Contrary to what the false-witness media reported, Epstein did not commit suicide, Trump won the 2020 election, January 6 was not an insurrection, masks do not stop the spread of viruses, and Jacob Blake was not an unarmed black man killed by a white police officer. Jacob Blake was a repeat offender armed with a knife and is alive. The fake media’s lies about Blake incited days of BLM and Antifa protests, riots, arson, and property damages in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Then, they lied about Kyle Rittenhouse:

• Kyle did not kill two black BLM protesters - all three men he shot were white;
• he did not cross state lines - he works in Kenosha as a lifeguard;
• his mother did not drive him to Kenosha - she did not go to Kenosha;
• he did not take a weapon across state lines - his rifle was kept in a safe at his best friend’s stepfather’s house in Kenosha;
• his gun was not illegal - he legally possessed the AR-15 in Wisconsin;
• he was not a white supremacist or militia – the FBI scoured Kyle’s phone and found nothing about white supremacy or militias;
• he did not take his gun to shoot anyone - he wisely took his weapon for self defense and only used it in self defense, or he would be dead.

Despite the media’s best efforts to put an innocent young man into prison for the remainder of his life, Kyle Rittenhouse is only free today because videos do not lie. Fortunately, there are lots of videos for Kyle’s attorneys to use in multi-million dollar defamation lawsuits against every defamer, including Resident Joe Biden.

As Talgo stated, “Unless and until the mainstream media return to reporting the truth, based on facts, the American people will remain hopelessly divided and woefully misinformed.”

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