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My husband and I had Covid February-March 2020. We did not see a doctor and did not become a Covid statistic. Blood tests later proved we have Covid antibodies.

February 14, 2022, I was admitted to Rideout Hospital with a broken hip and tested negative for Covid. Although I exhibited no symptoms of illness, Rideout performed a second Covid test three days later and informed me I tested positive. I became a FALSE Covid statistic!

Rideout did not move the other female patient from my room and either deliberately left her exposed to Covid or knew my positive test was false.

I was transferred to a Covid-quarantine rehab facility Sacramento. My first roommate was a retired nurse who tested positive for Covid while in the hospital with pneumonia after receiving her second Covid vaccination.

My second roommate, Joyce, was also a Rideout patient with a broken hip who also tested positive for Covid and had no symptoms of any illness.

The “positive” tests performed by Rideout employees netted Rideout additional government funding for me and for Joyce. Shouldn’t independent labs not profiting from results perform the tests?

The Sacramento rehab facility also received additional government funding based on the “positive” tests with ZERO symptoms requiring no treatment beyond our broken hips.

How many more false positives are reported to fleece taxpayers, incite fear, and further enrich pharmaceutical, medical, and political oligarchs?


As a letter to the editor, I sent the above personal witness testimony of Covid and taxpayer fraud to the editors of the Appeal-Democrat (March 20, 2022) and the Territorial Dispatch (March 23, 2022). The Territorial Dispatch published the letter; the Appeal Democrat did not, apparently determining the information unworthy of publication for their readers.

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