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CA AB 1797: Expands and Mandates Unconsented Government Surveillance and Tracking of Vaccination Status and Race for All Ages

An email was sent April 27, 2022, to FRTPP email subscribers, stating, “We are called to action again! Either step up now -- or surrender to government surveillance of our medical information, vaccination status and race!!!” FRTPP sent the following letter through the Legislative Portal https://calegislation.lc.ca.gov/Advocates/:

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One of our members shared his response to the committee:

Hi Carla,

Thanks for sending out the call to action. I sent the following letter:

Committee Members,

Please do not pass AB 1797.

I appreciate health is everyone's concern. So is government, and particularly government that meddles and complicates lives, and oppresses.

There is a sizeable amount of evidence that not only has Covid 19 been hyped and whipped into hysteria and that more suffering has been created through lock-downs than alleviated, but that the virus itself is not organic of origin. It's my persuasion the virus was intentionally leaked from gain of function "experimentation" labs, for the very purpose of creating a pretense for the ongoing Global Reset, and further elitist agendas well into the future.

It's my sincere hope as you consider this bill and the world we are living through, that you will object mightily to any bill that could empower those WHO HAVE tyrannical designs over the relatively free world we enjoy, be they communist, oligarchical, fascist, or nut-jobs.

I would remind you the US constitution that you swore an oath to uphold and protect determines the legality or illegality of any law you may pass. The Constitution is not only a set of laws that establish governance. The Constitution guarantees before God and this world, a citizenry destined to live their lives freely, unscathed and unencumbered by the despotism of any form of government that is not OF THE PEOPLE.

I was able to email Megan Dahle and Patrick O’Donnell. My emails to the five other committee members were rejected as “invalid email address.”


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